How Long Do Car Brakes Last?

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If you’ve had your car a while now and you do a lot of driving around Westport, you might be wondering, “how many miles do brakes last?” The lifespan of brakes can vary depending on how you drive, where you drive, and what type of brake pads the vehicle uses. However, they typically last between 25,000 and 65,000 miles. Follow along with our guide at Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield and learn more about the average brake life and the factors that affect it. Contact us if you have questions about your brakes along the way!

Average Brake Mileage & Lifespan

How many miles do brakes last? Settling on a definitive number for how many miles brakes last is difficult, because a couple different factors affect the brake lifespan. Brake pads can generally be expected to last between 25,000 and 65,000 miles, but some brake pads–like the long-lasting carbon ceramic variety–are designed to last over 80,000 miles.  The Mercedes-Benz owner’s manual has the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule for your brakes (and for so much more) so you can always check there to find out what’s recommended for your vehicle.

Factor That Affect How Long Car Brakes Last

When trying to stay on top of how long car brakes last, you have to take a look at the whole picture. The weather around Weston or even the driving habits of others can affect the lifespan of the vehicle brakes. Consider these factors:

  • Driving Habits: The brakes will see more wear if you tend to brake hard rather than pressing softly, or prefer to press the brakes instead of coasting to a stop. The less aggressively you drive, the longer your brakes should last.
  • Environment: City driving means braking more because of traffic, pedestrians, and stop lights. Driving on the highway means you are more likely to drive longer without braking, so your brake pads will probably last longer if you don’t commute through Norwalk or Weston.
  • Brake Pad Material: Some vehicles come with standard metallic brake pads. Carbon-ceramic pads tend to last longer, but are often more expensive. Find the right type of brake pads for your Mercedes-Benz by looking at the owner’s manual. You can always ask a representative at our parts department if you’re uncertain!

Does the Car Shake When Braking?

Vehicles that shake when braking should be taken in for service immediately. The shaking typically occurs when there is a problem with the brake system, but there are other issues that can cause a vehicle to shake while braking:

  • A tire is experiencing “run out,” or loses its proper round round shape.
  • One of the wheels is unbalanced.
  • The vehicle’s front-end alignment is off.
  • The vehicle’s steering is compromised by a loose control arm or damaged knuckle.
  • There’s damage to the axle shaft.
  • Your vehicle has loose lug nuts

In any event, it’s important to have your vehicle inspected before you jump to conclusions. Schedule service today and let us work out the details.

Have Your Brakes Serviced with the Team at Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield!

Take the worry out of wondering, “how many miles do brakes last?” Our certified technicians can familiarize themselves with your vehicle and determine when brake service is needed based on torque calculations, performance specs, and more. Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield technicians always use genuine OEM parts, so you can be sure that our brakes will fit your vehicle perfectly.

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