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Whether you’re looking for a new set of performance tires for your beloved roadster, or you’re equipping your trusted SUV with winter tires for the colder months, you can rely on our Fairfield tire center for all of your tire-related needs. We stock an extraordinary range of specialized and all-season tires, so you can achieve the very best performance that your Mercedes-Benz is capable of.

What’s more, we share resources (and a mission!) with the Mercedes-Benz repair experts at the Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield service center. That means we can do a whole lot more than set you up with a new set of tires. We can help you maintain those tires and maximize their utility for all the years to come.

5 Reasons To Buy From A Mercedes-Benz Tire Center

You might know why drivers choose our Fairfield service center for everything from regular maintenance to major Mercedes-Benz repairs, but why should you get your tires here, too? Aside from the convenience of being able to get everything you need in one place, Westport-area drivers routinely cite the following benefits:

  1. We’re sure to have the right tires for your Mercedes-Benz model
  2. We price all of our tires competitively.
  3. We offer expert installation by factory-trained technicians.
  4. Our Mercedes-Benz tire center stocks all major brands, including Continental, Michelin, Pirelli, Dunlop, and more.
  5. We even offer road hazard coverage included on eligible tires.

Winter Tires for Your Mercedes-Benz: Make the Right Call

When the weather starts to drop below 45 degrees Fahrenheit in Westport and Norwalk, your summer or all-season tires start to lose some of their elasticity. This will have an immediate–even if not immediately noticeable–effect of your vehicle’s performance. Whether you’re an experienced driver or you’re relatively new to the local roads, purchasing winter tires for your Mercedes-Benz is a very smart choice. Here’s why:

  • In addition to improving your handling in ice or snow, winter tires can reduce the distance required to brake by up to 20%.
  • They also dramatically reduce the likelihood of skidding or sliding on colder roads. What’s more, tires with more elasticity are much less prone to blowouts. (With that said, you should still know how to change a tire in a pinch!)
  • Of course, since traction will also impact your ability to accelerate, winter tires can help you get up to speed more quickly.

Purchasing winter tires for your Mercedes-Benz isn’t the only thing you should do to prepare for the colder months, but it is one of the easiest ways to improve safety for you and all your passengers this season. Explore our parts and service specials today to find seasonal discounts on winter tires or installation.

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