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How Do Dealerships Determine Trade-In Value?

You’ve loved your current vehicle for years, but now it’s time to upgrade with something new! Even if you’ve found a number of promising trade-in dealerships near Fairfield, CT, you might wonder how dealerships determine trade-in value—after all, you certainly don’t want to leave with the sense that you’ve gotten an unfair price! The truth is that you might receive two (or more) very different Mercedes-Benz trade-in value estimates depending on where you go. Some dealerships that take trade-ins might tell you one thing online, and then give you a different result when you stop in for your final inspection. Many dealerships determine a vehicle’s trade-in value by comparing it to other similar vehicles that have sold in the past—and they’ll want to be certain that they can secure a profit. An in-person inspection is almost always required, and you could receive a reduced price if they discover issues with your vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz Trade-In with Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield

At Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield, we think there’s a better way! Unlike other car dealerships that take trade-ins near Westport, we’ve partnered with Kelley Blue Book to help you get an instant cash offer on your trade-in without ever leaving home! And since the valuation is performed in partnership with KBB, you can be absolutely certain that your offer is based on real-time, independently collected market data. Whether you’ve got a Mercedes-Benz trade-in or you’re getting ready to experience our brand for the first time, you can enjoy a better experience from start to finish when you sell your vehicle to our team!

Take the Next Steps on Your Mercedes-Benz Trade-In

Now that you understand why Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield is a preferred trade-in dealership near Fairfield, CT, we’re sure that you’ll be eager to take the next steps! Find out how your instant cash offer will impact your monthly payments and apply for financing today. Your Norwalk and Weston drives will never be the same!