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Car Fluid Leak Colors Guide

Car Leaking Water or Fluid

It’s always concerning when you see a puddle of some type of oil or other fluid leaking from your vehicle. Because vehicles are so complex, the fluid could be anything from motor oil to power steering fluid to windshield washer fluid. The Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield service center has put together this useful guide to help you make sense of the different car fluid leak colors. For more information, feel free to contact us anytime!



Red Fluid

There are two types of fluid in your vehicle that are red, which is the transmission fluid, and the power steering fluid. It’s important to determine the exact placement of the leaks. Although transmission fluid leak colors are hard to distinguish from those associated with power steering fluid, you can consult your owner’s manual to try and figure out where the leak might be coming from.

It’s important to note that the actual color of your power steering fluid can vary due to its age, as it may eventually change into a brown color. However, you can still tell that it’s power steering fluid due to the consistency, as it’s often oily and thin. Many remark that it has a unique smell, a little bit like a burning marshmallow.

When brand new, the transmission fluid is also a red color, however, it will eventually turn reddish-brown over time. Also, it’s quite slick and has a petroleum smell. It’s important to schedule service if you think it might be transmission fluid, as you don’t want to get stuck out on the Westport roads.


Light Yellow

It’s important to not drive your vehicle if you notice a light yellow fluid leaking, as it’s likely brake fluid, and could cause the brakes to malfunction, putting both you and other Fairfield drivers at risk. Fresh brake fluid will have a yellow color, however, you’ll notice that it turns dark brown if not properly maintained. Brake fluid usually has a slippery feel and smells like fish oil. It’s important to see a technician as soon as possible to repair your vehicle and get you back out on the Fairfield roads.


Orange Fluid

If you notice orange fluid leaking from your vehicle, it is likely either coolant or automatic transmission fluid. When the coolant or transmission fluid turns orange, it is usually an indication that there is rust somewhere throughout the cooling system. The coolant usually has a sweet smell and has a slimy feel to it. If this is the case, you should immediately take your vehicle in for service. The automatic transmission fluid can also become darker as it ages, and you should have it looked at by a certified mechanic.


Pink, Yellow, or Green Fluid

If you see a pink, yellow, or green fluid leaking from your car, it might be due to a coolant leak and should be taken care of as soon as it occurs. It’s also important to note that the coolant can leak from many different parts of your cooling system, so it might be leaking from different spots.


Blue Fluid

If the car fluid leak colors are blue, this could only be windshield washer fluid. Windshield washer fluid could also come in green, and a leak could be caused by a damaged reservoir. For maximum clarity on the roads, we highly recommend getting this repaired. However, it will not affect your vehicle’s basic operation. 


Brown and Black Fluid

Car fluid colors can also be brown and black. This kind of leak is usually engine oil, which can turn dark brown or black depending on how old it is. Until you can repair your vehicle, you should continue topping it off as necessary; driving without enough oil is a recipe for disaster.


Clear Fluid

Water and gasoline are two of the clear fluids in your vehicle. If you see water puddling under your vehicle, it is likely just condensation, and you have nothing to worry about. However, if it’s gasoline, you’ll quickly notice the smell, and you should immediately get it checked out. Do not drive the vehicle if you suspect the liquid is in fact gasoline.


Schedule Service at Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield!

Now that you know more about car fluid leak colors, come schedule service with the Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield service center today! Be sure to check out our service specials to get an excellent price on your next repair or routine maintenance near Weston!



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