How to Check Brake Fluid

Changing Brake Fluid

Nothing in your Mercedes-Benz keeps you as safe on the roads of Westport as your brakes. That’s why it’s important to keep tabs on them between service appointments. Knowing how to check brake fluid and knowing what color brake fluid is supposed to be will help you know when it’s time to have your brakes serviced. Learn how to check brake fluid and other handy DIY car care tips with Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield.


What is Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid is a hydraulic liquid that makes it easier to apply pressure to the brakes as you drive around Norwalk and Weston. You should check brake fluid monthly to reduce the risk posed by leaks! Here are some signs that your Mercedes-Benz is low on brake fluid:

  • Low Brake Fluid Warning
  • ABS Light stays on or blinks
  • The brake pedal is soft–it be pressed all the way down without resistance

Even if you’re checking your brake fluid regularly, you’ll still need to replace your brake pads eventually. When the time comes, we can help with that too!

Where is Brake Fluid Located?

Brake fluid is generally located in a reservoir situated on the driver’s side of the engine, closer to the windshield than the front end of the car. The reservoir is generally translucent, with a trapezoidal shape. It is easily identifiable by the brake fluid reservoir cap, which is usually marked by a warning that tells you which type of brake fluid to use.

How to Check Your Brake Fluid Level in Five Steps

Although it’s a good idea to flush and replace all of the brake fluid in your reservoir at least once every few years, you may also wish to check your levels and top off in certain situations. With this in mind, here’s how to check your brake fluid level at home:

  1. Open your Mercedes-Benz’s hood and prop it open.
  2. Check your owner’s manual to see the exact location of the brake fluid reservoir. It will be located on the driver’s side of the engine, towards the windshield.
  3. The type of brake fluid you need will be printed on top of the brake fluid reservoir. Only use this kind of brake fluid.
  4. On the outside of the clear reservoir there are “minimum” and “maximum” lines. Make sure the brake fluid is above the minimum line and is the correct color. If it’s nearly at the “minimum” line or discolored, add more.
  5. Fill the reservoir to the “maximum” line, but don’t add more fluid than is recommended.

Mercedes-Benz brake fluid requirements may vary from model to model, but the vast majority of new Mercedes-Benz vehicles require DOT 4+. Even so, it’s always a good idea to reference the Mercedes-Benz brake fluid guidelines on your reservoir cap and in your owner’s manual.

What Color is Brake Fluid?

New brake fluid should be clear with a slight yellow sheen to it. Why is it important to know what color brake fluid is supposed to be? Because the color and opacity of brake fluid can indicate if it’s time to replace the brake fluid. If brake fluid has visible debris in it, or the color has turned dark, schedule a service appointment to have it changed. If you’re dealing with a leak, we can help you learn more about what the color of the fluid means.

Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield is Here to Help with All Your Service Needs

Now that you know how to check brake fluid, you can learn more about maintaining your Mercedes-Benz. Read our service tips and tricks for more information. Or, feel free to contact the Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield service department to get direct answers to your Mercedes-Benz maintenance questions today!


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