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What is Included in a Mercedes-Benz Oil Service?

When you drive a car as luxurious as a Mercedes-Benz down the Westport roads, you know that peak performance comes from proper care. That’s why so many Norwalk and Weston drivers head to Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield for Mercedes-Benz oil service. But, just what is included in your appointment? A Mercedes-Benz oil replacement includes the following:

  • For Model Years 2009 and Newer: Synthetic Motor Oil Replacement* as a component of Mercedes-Benz Service A** or Mercedes-Benz Service B**
  • For Model Years 2008 and Older: Mercedes-Benz oil change (when not part of Service A/B)
  • For All Models: Oil Filter Replacement* with genuine parts
  • For All Models: Recycling of the old filter

Mercedes-Benz Synthetic Oil: Approved Oil List

The best oils for Mercedes-Benz vehicles are those that have been recommended by the brand, so don’t settle for anything less! When you schedule Mercedes-Benz Service A for your C-Class or book Mercedes-Benz Service B for your GLE, you can be absolutely certain that our technicians will use approved Mercedes-Benz synthetic oils.

If you’re picking up synthetic oil at our parts department, take a look at the recommended formulas in your owner’s manual or consult the approved oil list below:

Sheet 229.1:

  • Mobil 1 Tri-Synthetic Formula 15w-50
  • Mobil 1 Tri-Synthetic Formula 0w-40
  • Valvoline Synpower Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5w-40
  • Castrol Syntec 5w-50
  • Castrol Syntec 10W-40
  • Quaker State Full Synthetic European Formula 5w-40
  • Pennzoil Synthetic European 5w-40
  • 76 Pure Synthetic Motor Oil 5w-40

Sheet 229.3:

  • Castrol TXT Softec Plus 5w-30
  • Shell Helix Ultra 5w-30
  • Shell Helix Ultra 5w-40

Remember, it’s important to use approved products, no matter what kind of service fluid you’re checking up on! Check out our guide to checking brake fluid to learn more.

What’s the Difference Between Synthetic vs. Regular Oil?

You may have seen debates over the pros and cons of synthetic and regular motor oil, but when it comes to Mercedes-Benz, synthetic is the only choice. Synthetic oil has been refined beyond the standards of conventional motor oil to create a longer-lasting formula that optimizes performance. The differences between synthetic oil vs. regular oil result in a number of noticeable benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Lower friction that lessens wear and tear
  • Cleaner burning process that reduces deposits
  • Enhanced efficiency that boosts dependability

Are There Any Disadvantages of Synthetic Oil?

There are no real performance disadvantages of synthetic oil, but it’s important to note that synthetic oil does cost more than conventional oil products. However, this is one situation in which you absolutely get what you pay for. Not only is synthetic oil a more reliable product than conventional oil, but it also lasts longer in virtually all circumstances. In short, there’s a reason why Mercedes-Benz vehicles can go up to one year or 10,000 miles in between services.

With other brands that use conventional oil products, it’s generally recommended to schedule oil changes at least twice per year. Since you’ll pay for fresh oil, a new oil filter, and labor with each appointment, choosing synthetic oil isn’t just the right choice for your vehicle—it’s also the right choice for your wallet.

Is a Synthetic Oil Blend a Better Choice?

Some will tell you that synthetic oil blends offer performance advantages for less than the cost of genuine synthetic oil, but nothing performs as well as the full synthetic motor oil that your Mercedes-Benz requires. Although using some synthetic oil is better than using none, this isn’t the kind of trade-off that you’ll want to put to the test.

How Often Do I Need a Mercedes-Benz Oil Replacement?

For 2009 models or newer, your Mercedes-Benz oil replacement is part of your Service A and Service B package – so be sure to stay up-to-date on your maintenance! For all other model years, we recommend checking your owner’s manual for more specific guidelines to suit your model. Generally speaking, a Mercedes-Benz oil replacement every 10,000 miles*** is a good rule of thumb. Your ASSYST Plus® service tracker will help to ensure that you never go too long between oil replacement services, and with Mercedes-Benz Prepaid Maintenance, you can reduce your total maintenance costs by a significant amount.

How Much Is an Oil Change for a Mercedes-Benz?

As we’ve alluded to, oil changes are an important maintenance item that you should consider if you want your vehicle to run smoothly. But, how much is an oil change for a Mercedes-Benz? Mercedes-Benz oil change costs can range anywhere from $180 to $450. However, keep in mind that the Mercedes-Benz oil change costs can vary depending on your specific vehicle so we suggest you give us a call at Call service Phone Number(877) 557-5299 for more specific information.

Now that we’ve answered, “How much is an oil change for a Mercedes-Benz?” you may be wondering about getting a quick lube oil change. While it may be tempting to get a quick lube oil change, it’s best to get your oil changed at a certified Mercedes-Benz service center, and here’s why:

  • Genuine Mercedes-Benz Fluid & Parts: One of the main reasons why Mercedes-Benz oil change costs are slightly higher at our dealership than a quick lube oil change is because we use genuine OEM Mercedes-Benz oil and parts. OEM oil and parts are designed specifically for your vehicle so you can expect it to perform smoothly and efficiently. The same can’t always be said if you use aftermarket parts and third-party oil.
  • Factory-Trained Technicians: The service technicians at our service center have been factory-trained to know your Mercedes-Benz vehicle like the backs of their hands. That means they will ensure your vehicle is carefully worked on. Additionally, our technicians will often go over your vehicle while it’s in for service to catch any minor issues before they become a major problems.
  • Service & Parts Incentives: Although we do our best to offer you the best possible prices, we often have service and parts incentives to help you enjoy even more savings on high-quality genuine OEM parts and professional service.
  • Quality of Service: Many quick lube service shops have a volume-based business so they’re simply interested in getting your vehicle in and out as quickly as possible. Sometimes, that quick-churning business model can mean that your vehicle isn’t always properly serviced. At Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield, we don’t rush to get your vehicle out the door so you can rest assured that we’re working on your vehicle with the utmost care while also being as efficient as possible.

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Whether you need to book that Mercedes-Benz Oil Service, Mercedes-Benz wheel care, or standard parts like timing belts, our service department is here to help. Schedule your service online or give our service center in Fairfield a call at Call service Phone Number(877) 557-5299 with any questions!

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*Oil and filter change is the base advertised service component. Additional services as determined by your vehicle’s ASSYST Plus system, which calculates service needs based on your driving habits, time, mileage and environmental conditions, may increase service cost.**2009 and newer Mercedes-Benz vehicles only. Price advertised for Service A/Service B includes all factory-required components. Please refer to your maintenance booklet for the complete list of factory-required services and details on the specific intervals for your vehicle’s year and model.

***Services and pricing for Service A/Service B may vary due to your driving habits, mileage, and local environmental conditions. Please refer to your maintenance booklet for additional details and general guidelines for your vehicle’s year and model.

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